Ultimate Guide for Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine 2022

Do you work in a manufacturing setting where automation, effectiveness, and adaptability are necessary? Is your product a tube made of metal? Do you wish to cut the tube with challenging patterns? A laser pipe cutting machine is likely the device you require if the answer to these questions is yes.


Laser tube cutting is a practical choice when you want to be ready for high quality cutting and assembly design and construction. A laser tube cutting machine should be your first pick if you want something robust and clean-cutting that doesn’t require any further labor.


As is well known, laser cutting equipment is crucial to the metalworking sector. All metal fabricators should consider the test of selecting the appropriate laser cutting machine for a job.


This sophisticated automated laser cutting device for metal pipes is called a laser pipe cutter. Steel pipe cutting machines provide three-dimensional processing of metal pipes, in contrast to traditional steel metal laser cutting machines.


This post is for you if you are currently using a pipe laser cutting machine or if you have plans to do so. To completely comprehend laser tube cutting, go over everything we have learnt. You will have everything you need to make an informed choice while cutting steel pipes.


What exactly does a fiber laser tube cutter do?

A method and technology called laser tube cutting is used to cut tubes, structures, or channels. These products will be trimmed to the required length using this technique. The pipe can also have structures or holes carved out of it.


This cutting method is effective. Additionally, it may be utilized for different sizes and forms. Find a metal fabricator with extensive laser cutting experience if you’re thinking about using lasers for tube cutting.


Why would you cut metal pipes with a laser?

Why laser pipe cutting equipment should be used over other instruments may baffle metal pipe repair firms. This is due to the fact that conventional techniques of cutting metal pipes, such grinding, cutting with wheels, circular sawing, etc., are ineffective and environmentally harmful. Laser pipe cutting equipment uses laser technology that is ecologically benign. It offers the following distinctive benefits:



Numerous sizes and forms of tubes may be cut with a CNC metal laser. Cut the desired pipe diameter from less than an inch to nine inches. You may also cut rectangular tubes up to 9 inches wide.


Height is also not a problem. The 24-foot standard tube requires little upkeep.


Carbon steel that is just 1/4-inch-thick is ineffective for laser tube cutting. Also capable of cutting stainless steel up to 0.25 inches is this equipment. Laser tube cutting on titanium alloys is unaffected by thicknesses greater than 0.04 inches.


Utilize the laser tube cutter to cut tubes with elliptical, rounded, or irregular shapes.Shape, size, and thickness are all fine. The laser tube cutter’s versatility in handling different materials demonstrates how adaptable these devices are.



A wide range of materials are suitable for laser tube cutting. Please use this procedure for materials such as titanium, carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.


A fiber laser is preferable to a CO2 cutting device when cutting reflecting materials. In fact, you can cut non-metals. Anything from breadcrumbs to wood, plastic, and Styrofoam may be sliced using the laser tube cutter.



Laser pipe cutting machines are extremely accurate, versatile, and effective. These devices don’t require any more upkeep after cutting pipes. There is no need to remove the extra material because the cut is exact and tidy.


Cut-to-length and intricate patterns may be finished with a single machine. Other tools are not needed. Your workflow is enhanced because you won’t need to change any parts or components as a result.


The laser tube cutting machine minimizes waste since it uses a single raw material for all components. The price of your project will drop as a result.


A laser tube cutting machine’s sliced parts may be put together quickly and precisely. This indicates that the second version is straightforward and efficient.


There is no need for a second operation because the laser tube cutting machine cuts everything. After being taken out of service, parts might be utilized or collected.



Even complicated items may be produced quickly and automatically thanks to the fiber laser tube cutter’s efficiency and precision. Automation speeds up completion times and minimizes manual work. Your production line’s cost can be decreased by using a laser tube cutting machine.


Application of laser tube cutting technology

Domestic water, sewage, industrial water, and fuel are typically transported by steel pipes, such as stainless-steel pipes. As a result, the laser pipe cutting machine may make use of its adaptability to provide water and drainage, clean up garbage, and provide heating, power, and oil, among other things. Additionally, laser cutting equipment play a significant part in the construction, sports and fitness, medical, automotive, and industrial industries, all of which employ steel pipes extensively.

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