The Three Essentials of a Power Digital Marketing Plan

One of the first things I often learn when asked whether digital marketing is effective is that marketing is flawed. The actions taken on a website are unrelated to those taken on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform, for example. It’s crucial to correct that!


A company’s online digital and inbound marketing plan has to be coordinated and integrated, with each component operating as a whole. Making the tough simple is one of my aims, and one way I do this is by concentrating on the three crucial components, or portions of the funnel, that are at the core of creating a digital marketing strategy. It offers the basis for everything else by using these three principles as a general rule.


The six phases that make up the digital marketing funnel that I employ in my client marketing channels are made up of the three keys, each of which includes two components. As busy marketers, this is the cornerstone, therefore I’m going to focus on three of them. If you grow inside these three areas, you’ll have full power digital marketing.


These three components serve as building blocks and provide owners and marketers a straightforward and “doable” structure for organizing, planning, and implementing their digital content.


Key #1: Attraction and Engagement

50% of your content strategy should focus on this top of the funnel. I refer to blog posts, social media posts, YouTube and Instagram videos, podcast episodes, and photographs on Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media platforms as “content.”


These things are all different types of texts. All of this is not required of you! You must produce content that will assist you to establish a stronger connection with your audience and suit your business. Use your website or blog as the focal point of your content generation efforts as it is your primary online asset.


Broad, searchable, “attract and engage”-designed, and relevant are all requirements for Attract and Engage. This is where you want to reach out, “plant the seeds and water them,” or use another strategy to “soak the water” to draw in your target audience. Not a harvest at all! The information is beneficial and helps your viewers. It is NOT a product that is exclusive to your company.


Consider it as “emptying the water” before to fishing. Before the actual fishing with the bait, it pulls the audience and gets them enthusiastic about your website and the nuggets you’re delivering. Even this piece exemplifies “attractive material.” I’m simply offering you some advice and support to get you started on considering your requirements and strategies for power digital marketing.


Key #2: Capture and nurture

Lead capturing and lead nurturing make up the second pillar. The key is leads! More people you draw in means more leads you can obtain, and greater leads means more potential for increased sales.


It is at this point in the internal funnel when visitors enter the lead funnel and transition from being unidentified fans to known leads. In exchange for only providing a name and email address, this kind of information offers something beneficial and worthwhile. It can be to locate an eBook, movie, podcast, or another resource on your goods and services that potential customers would find useful.


It provides a company with the chance to expand their email list by fostering instructional initiatives that eventually lead to a prospective customer opportunity. The benefit is that it just has to be put up once and then can serve hundreds or even thousands of people continually. Here, I go into further detail on adoption and adoption.


Here is an illustration of cooperative value exchange. The “Enchanting Lawyer” Facebook page supports legal firms in using social media to expand their business. The Facebook tab provides a free book about social media written by an author who was featured on the most recent edition of their weekly podcast, which is one of their more recent offerings. This will increase interest in the show and expand the Enchanting Lawyer mailing list. Brilliant!


KEY #3: Modify and Modify

“Closing content,” or customized sales pitch material, is the third and final component of the three-pronged content strategy approach. Only 15–25% of the entire content programmed mix is presumably represented by this. If it’s more than that, particularly on news sites, your audience can become resistant to future sales pitches. However, if you keep to the aforementioned content strategy, your audience will be prepared for these pertinent offers and direct purchases.


The top of the funnel is where discovery and early recognition take place. Then, new contact points are developed with engaging material that is more appealing, as well as practical in-funnel resources that provide the foundation for sales offers. The prospective consumer is now prepared to think about buying a present once trust has been established, knowledge has been gained, and comprehension has been attained.

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