The 10 consideration of bare natural health Or how to focus total health

The basics of focus total health like physical and mental vitality to practice on a daily basis.

Failure to respect these laws leads to imbalances called illnesses. We don’t follow these laws because they were never taught to us.


The simple respect of these laws allows a progressive return to the state of health”, T. Casanovas. Bare natural health vitality 10 best keys to focus total health with the natural way


  1. I breathe therefore I live in bare natural health and vitality

We tend to forget it is so self-evident, yet many people only breathe in “apnea”. And to live well, it is better to breathe well.


Deep, ventral, and conscious breathing allows you to relearn how to breathe and enjoy many benefits for the body and mind.


3 minutes of morning and evening conscious breathing are enough to improve health: better metabolism, lower stress, better digestion and blood circulation, clearer ideas, more creativity, and improved memory…


  1. I drink (water) therefore I eliminate

Sufficient hydration is essential to drain our bodies of accumulated toxins. Water is more useful for what it carries than what it brings so exit mineral waters.


Prefer spring water low in minerals such as Mont Roucous or filtered water. Tap water is unfortunately loaded with chlorine, drug residues, pesticides, nitrates, and so on, and the best…


So remember to drink when thirsty, preferably between meals. And if thirst appears in the middle of the meal, prefer to drink lukewarm water in small sips so as not to disturb the digestive work.


  1. I eat so I fill up with energy natural health vitality

Food is essential to focus total health. Its role is to nourish and not to clog our body with the nutrients it needs. And to eat well, you have to keep it simple!


That is to say, avoid processed products: exit the industrial, all prepared, denatured. We focus on organic, seasonal, raw fruits and vegetables and gentle cooking (steam, wok, etc.).


We think of “superfoods”, these little nutritional bombs that do us good: sprouted seeds, algae, fresh pollen, and other hive products, various and varied nuts preferably soaked the day before and rinsed, without forgetting omega 3 found in first cold pressed organic linseed oil, for example.


And we avoid bad associations: fruits for example are eaten alone, outside meals (30min before or 2h after).


  1. I sleep therefore I recover natural health and vitality

Sleep recharges the batteries. Hours before midnight count double! So do not hesitate to go to bed early.


The ideal would be to go to bed/wake up with the sun. Food and breathing also contribute to the quality of sleep. Remember to eat digestible in the evening and to breathe well.


Avoid screens before going to bed, stimulants at the end of the day, and intensive sports in the evening. And why not take advantage of the return to calm to take stock of the positives of your day with gratitude?


  1. I move so I spend myself with bare natural health and vitality

Physical activity is vital. She is the only one capable of stimulating all our organs of elimination at the same time.


It is stimulating, regenerating, and relaxing and plays a major role in stress management. By physical activity, we mean anything that brings movement: walking, gardening, climbing stairs, doing a sports activity, shopping…


And as soon as the opportunity arises, we combine business with pleasure by planning a nature outing, the best way to recharge your batteries while moving. And why not a hiking holiday in the mountains next summer?


  1. I think therefore I am natural health vitality

Thoughts feed us and guide our vision of the world, and our morale. Becoming aware of your thought patterns and working to transform them is essential to strengthening the bare natural health of your body and mind.


Indeed, when we are well in our head, happy, and fulfilled, we have the energy to spare, we feel good in our body, and our body becomes lighter and more flexible.


And vice versa, unfortunately. Thinking positively, in non-judgment, accepting of what is, in love and benevolence allows you to stay the course despite the storms and to continue to see the beauty of this world.


  1. I share therefore I exist natural health vitality

As social and sociable beings, we need others to thrive. Maintaining relationships of trust, sharing, and intellectual and/or emotional exchange with those around us greatly contributes to our health and to the construction of our being.


  1. I unleash my creativity so I express myself

Getting involved in a creative activity, whatever it is (painting, sculpture, writing, cooking, dancing, singing, etc.)

Allows you to free your inner child, and let your imagination, intuition, and emotions express themselves freely. Creativity stimulates the spirit and nourishes the soul and the body. To your brushes, furnaces, and pianos!


  1. I maintain balance therefore I move forward

Paying attention to balancing your activity and rest times undeniably helps you maintain good and bare natural health.


And generally, when the time comes to do the accounts, there is no rest. And yes, besides exercising physically, thinking non-stop, eating often, and eating too much are activities that in the long run clog and exhaust our bodies and our mind.


So it is necessary to take a break: a nap after intense physical effort; a walk in nature to cut a bubbling mind; one day of fasting or mono diet per week to put the digestive system at rest…


  1. I connect to nature therefore I connect to myself

Take the time to walk in the forest for focus total health, in the countryside, in the mountains, or by the sea, observing nature at least once a week and more during the holidays.


Walking mindfully, being in the present moment, without a phone or camera, and ideally barefoot. Just take full advantage of the present moment, the song of a bird, the rustling of the leaves under its feet, the variations of light on the sea…

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