Old entertainment center usage

Please don’t tell me that an outdated old entertainment center is useless. The most popular suggestion was to convert one into a bar serving cocktails, while others suggested using them as sewing studios, craft and scrapbooking stations, personal pages, and convenient garage storage areas.


Plans for a separate kitchenette and many remodeled flats that will serve as beautiful and practical contemporary entertaining rooms have been relocated. A stranger’s plan was to utilize one as a monarch butterfly nesting place.


All other participants indicated below earned passes to the February 9–11 Nashville home and remodeling expo at music city center, and the winner received a $150 gift card to the habitat restoration.Here are some of the advice that we often use:


Starting point: a desk in a home office

Our winner, colleen charmante of Murfreesboro, spent $32 to transform a huge wooden entertainment cabinet into a workstation and office storage, utilizing the doors to create a desktop.


“I had exquisite, solid wood, hand-made furniture that I was unable to part with. Why not, after all, we needed a new desk?” schamante stated.


He took off the two middle doors and any hardware, such as tracks and hinges, and used one of the doors as desk support by measuring the distance from the bottom of the cabinet, where the tv is housed, to the floor. One door would be trimmed to the desired size for the desktop, he said. Connect the cut door to the wall unit and support using l-brackets. Schamante, whose largest investment was the glass, advised cutting the glass to size and setting it on the desk.


Redesigning the tv wall

To make a 20-year-old broyhill Fontana wall painting into a contemporary addition to his Joelton home’s den, Nashville fireman Kenny peek sliced off the top of the mural. The task included removing the top shelf from the three original parts and fusing the lower sections to create a cabinet bank that was 9 meters tall. The new apartment was finished with fresh white paint and 1/16-inch tigerwood laminate flooring upstairs. Then he applied a similar laminate to the back of his 70-inch tv and fastened a 5-by-10-foot piece of fiberboard to the wall studs behind the cabinet. Peek spent $266 in total.


Bar betty

Betty Neuhoff of Nashville transformed her old entertainment center into a chic bar for about $150 by following a few easy steps when her new 50-inch tv wouldn’t fit in it.


He said, “I wanted to construct a bar where I used to hang out in my home since the furnishings were lovely and costly.


To make it seem larger, he added a mirror for $75, followed by a wire wine rack for $25 and lighting for $150. Then, all that remained was to load the bar. The addition of black granite, which was optional, was made to dress it up and prevent the wood from being damaged, he continued.


Garage real estate

Karen Krieger of mt. Juliet came up with straightforward and inexpensive reuse of everything: utilize the old entertainment center in the storage garage “as is.” Krieger had his cabinet freed up by picking it up from a shopping center parking lot next to the dump, earning him bonus points (and more tickets to the expo).


She requested onlookers to assist her in loading the large wood onto her husband’s vehicle, and since then, she has used it to store items in her garage.


Irene parent of falls grove, who recently spent $57 converting an old entertainment center she purchased from a hotel supply shop 15 years ago into an office organizer, began with the project.


Station for wrapping gifts

A gift-wrapping station designed by Diane wall has compartments for paper, a variety of materials, and extras like bows, ribbons, and scissors. What a fantastic approach to plan and concealing everything!

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