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Let’s face it: trying on a bathing suit is a delicate undertaking to begin with. The changing room experience does nothing to help. Online swimwear shopping brings you a world of alternatives that may match your shape, price, and style while also allowing for a more comfortable try-on session at home.


On the other hand, deciding to purchase a high waisted cheeky bikini without first putting it on has its own difficulties, like depending on a size chart to discover the ideal fit, taking a risk on an untested cut, and leaving the arm feeling exposed. Here are all the insider information you need to purchase your new bathroom online with confidence.


When purchasing online, how do I determine my size?

Please raise your hands if you have ever had difficulty with your swimming. Online purchasing might be challenging if there is no universal sizing for all brands. The creator of Montreal-based selfish swimwear, Naomie caron, advises using a sizing chart as a guide.


Typically, this article lists the breast, waist, and hips as the three main body parts to concentrate on (which, by the way, should be taken at the widest part of your bum, advises caron.) No soft tape in possession. Simple to measure using a piece of string, then compare the results with a ruler or tape measure.


You want to be able to breathe easily without the tape pressing on your skin for the proper reading to be where it rests on your skin.


Contact the manufacturer or the customer service division for further information if you’re still uncertain. Caron advises his customers to sometimes give him new images of their body form and size so he can advise them more effectively: “if it’s a firm that suits your style, it’s going to be simpler to approach.” “I’m genuinely trying to talk to my customers,” you say.


What is the finest pool you can find?

The majority of swimwear is manufactured from a blend of nylon (also known as polyamide) and lycra or elastane (the fabric that gives the suit its stretch).


The 80/20 split is the ideal ratio for comfort and durability; you want your high waisted cheeky bikini to have some give yet be able to readily snap back into form. According to Christina remenyi, creator of Toronto-based lingerie and swimwear business fortnight, other elements might result in a strong, tight fit, such as the pattern and fabric weight, which are not often visible in photographs. You should also consider how transparent your high waisted cheeky bikini  is after diving.


Pictures may provide helpful guidance, and if you’re unsure, speaking with customer service agents or the creators of independent companies is another excellent choice.


If you’re someone who takes your swimwear seriously, remenyi, who employs Italian jersey in her designs, advises, “you’ll want to make sure the fabric is decent.” things that are more uv, pill, or oil susceptible should be kept.


What high waisted cheeky bikini top works best for my bust?

Consider your intended result first. Be cautious with the cup if you want to give the top more punch. Remenyi issues a warning: “when the lifting is not done correctly, you can see where it stops in the swimming suit.” instead, bralette-style designs with front seaming are better for tiny breasts since they provide form and give the appearance of a full cup.


A high-quality top is an excellent option if you have huge breasts, but caron advises choosing a broad band beneath the bust and a back clasp that spans your back to prevent seeming pushed.


By relieving strain on the neck and equally dispersing it to the shoulders, these two design features provide support that puts comfort first. A little shelf bra, a built-in bra that often goes with a one-piece, may seem to be more suited for smaller breasts, but remenyi believes it’s really a better option for cup sizes.


What styles should I search for in a bathing suit?

Think about the kinds of things you will be doing in your bathing suit; according to remenyi, real labor must be performed above the mind. Tie-downs may not be the most comfortable choice for you if you often lay about wearing them while resting on your back.


If you have a particular affinity for water activities, the high neck and no-slip leg opening guarantee that your suit remains in place.


Features that allow for adjustment may also provide a tailored fit. Because everyone of our bodies is unique, remenyi argues that it is advantageous to shorten the torso and strengthen particular specific muscles. Pay close attention to the product description of these kinds of goods since sometimes it helps to consider your high waisted cheeky bikini hang-ups in order to know what to seek for.


Consider the aspects of a bathing suit that you dislike, then go on, advises caron. Do you ever experience bandeau slipping? Choose one with silicone gumming that is permanent. Do you have bra bulge concerns? You may fit the suit to your size thanks to the adjustable tie-back fastening.


How should I care for my high waisted cheeky bikini?

The secret to longevity is high-quality maintenance, particularly if you’re spending a lot of money on a high-end swimwear. To extend life, it’s essential to wipe off chlorine, sea salt, and sun residue after each use. However, avoid using hot water, including that from whirlpools and washing machines. According to remenyi, high temperatures might degrade the elastics and fibers, resulting in your suit sagging after a prolonged soak. They suggest saving your cheap swimwear for the hot tub.


Well-made items can withstand drying by hanging on a line, but it’s best to allow your shop hangers rest flat to preserve their form.

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