high waisted cheeky bikini: what is it?

Every form and style of bait is presented in the media nowadays because, as we all know, we live in a cheeky era. Everything revolves on your behind and how you may display it to the world, particularly if you’re flaunting it in a bikini.


Naturally, we want to ensure that our naturally attractive features and form are enhanced to the fullest extent possible, which is why so many women are now inquiring about cheeky bikini bottoms. If you’ve heard this phrase used often but are unsure of what it means, we’ll explain it below.


The skeleton bikini bottom look

Your cheekbones’ natural support and contour may be seen through your swimming suit thanks to high waisted cheeky bikini . Cheeky bikini bottoms are made expressly to frame your posterior assets so that they seem soft, appealing, and beautiful rather than burying them behind a layer of fabric that might create a “wet diaper” effect in a bikini.


Since years, fused Hawaii has been producing bikinis with this cheeky portion. Your cheeks will be formed as they were originally intended to be viewed thanks to the two bases that we have meticulously installed:


Lower-left corner

To make your cheeks visible, we designed a scrunch back fabric element that lifts our bottom. You may rush in and out of the water without worrying about the ropes being tangled thanks to the side fabric supports. Without any irritating tight straps, the natural lift still lets viewers to see your back as it was intended to be seen.


Hawaiian bottoms:

The aloha bottoms may be adjusted to your preferred amount of cheekiness thanks to a similar design. Allow the boots to rest low on your hips if you want to seem a bit cheekier. However, you may draw the sides to give a premium appearance that truly enables you to fall in love with your natural features if you want as much cheekiness as possible.


Our opinion is that your bikini bottom should complement your contours. Our bikinis may be altered in a manner that suits you if you like a more high-rise appearance. We don’t think that wearing a bikini should prevent you from realizing your full feminine potential.


Kameymallbikini bottoms vs cheeky ones

There are several alternatives available that will make you feel seductive and retain your form if you want to reveal a bit more flesh while wearing bikini bottoms. To carry more weight and minimize tan lines, cheeky swim bottoms and kameymal lbikini bottoms are consistently among the most popular swimsuit bottoms. However, are you aware of the differences between these two swim bottom designs?


You are not alone if not! Despite the fact that most people have heard of the cheeky and kameymallbikini bottom designs, it may be difficult to understand how they vary without doing a little more study.


Fortunately, we’ve eliminated the guesswork and created a first-grade comparison of these two widely used bikini bottom types so you know what they are and the advantages and disadvantages of each style.

we’ll tell you which body types appear best in each of these bikini bottom designs as well as which body types may not be accentuated by these cuts but still look fantastic in other bottom designs.


We’ll also let you know which activities you should avoid while wearing these boots and which they’re best suited for. You may choose which of these two cutting-edge bikini bottom designs is ideal for you by using the information provided below.


Now it is Cheeky time

We think that one of the finest ways for women to show off their curves is with a cheeky bikini bottom. Trim down to the ideal shape for you, and appreciate the one you have. You no longer need to conceal; you can now feel secure wearing a bikini that enhances your natural figure.

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