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Describe Bearbrick

As a free present for attendees of the World Character Convention 12 in Tokyo, the first Bearbrick was made available in 2001. Soon after its release, Bearbricks rose to prominence in the hip-hop community as well as toy design circles. Famous Bearbrick collectors include DJ Khaled, Pharrell Williams, and Nigo, the founder of BAPE.


The world of Bearbrick might appear intimidating to a would-be collector because to the extreme variety of these toy designs. But don’t worry, this blog article has you covered. Continue reading to learn more about the most adored designer toy in the world.


Bearbrick is being released in massive quantities in 2021 as Medicom celebrates 20 years of Bearbrick! The Breaking Bad’s Walter White in 1000% size, Hokusai’s Great Wave Off Kanagawa in 100%, 400%, and 1000% size, BAPE’s 28th Anniversary CAMO design, and more are just a few of the 20th anniversary Bearbrick models.


Types, themes, and Bearbrick Rarity

Per series, Medicom produces 18 new Bearbricks; as of this writing, Series 42 is the most recent. Three separate bearbrick kinds may be used to classify each bearbrick that drops:


Bearbrick Standard Types one of the most widely used Bearbrick formats. All of the Bearbricks in this series are published under several recurrent “themes.”


  •         Basic: Bearbricks in a single color with a letter in a different color on its breast. This set contains nine different varieties of Basic Bearbricks, which when stacked form the word “Bearbrick.” Their deficit is listed by medicom at 14.58%.
  •         Artist: Visual artists worked together to create Bearbricks. On the Bearbrick series, two artist figures are often released. Artist Bearbrick’s rarity is rated by medicom as 4.26% or 1.04%.
  •         Secret: Unknown designs that are often more valuable and uncommon than the aforementioned Bearbrick versions. As a result, medicom rates them as having the largest deficit of any Bearbrick brand, at 0.52%.


Brownie Themes

Despite occasional exceptions to this rule, the majority of Bearbricks fit into one of the following themes, with the blind box revealing the least of each theme:


Clear Bearbricks that are formed in a single solid hue. 11.44% of them are available.

  •         Pattern: These Bearbricks have a variety of patterns and motifs all over them, including polka dots and original artwork from the contributing artists. According to medicom, their deficit is 11.45%.
  •         Flag: There is a 9.37% chance of finding bearbricks that have been painted with the nation’s flag.
  •         Animals: A rare 8.33% of Bearbricks are based on animals.
  •         Cute: The Japanese notion of “kawaii” is embodied by Cute Bearbricks. There is a minimum of 13.54% in these Bearbricks.
  •         Horror: These Bearbrick creations are inspired by well-known horror movie series or other works in the category. The frequency of it is 9.37%.
  •         Bearbricks is based on characters and ideas from well-known science fiction series. 9.37% of them are available.
  •         Hero: The Hero Theme Bearbricks are the newest members of the Bearbrick family, and their likelihood of occurrence is 7.29%. They feature DC Comics superheroes.


100% Bearbrick Growth Bearbricks, which are 7 cm tall, are regarded as standard size figures. According to this size, several Bearbrick sizes have names like: 1000% measures 70 cm, 400% 28 cm, 200% 14.5 cm, 70% 5 cm, and 50% is just 3.5 cm! The bigger Bearbrick sizes are often offered as-is, not in a blind box.


Bearbrick Partnerships

Every Bearbrick release generates a lot of buzz, especially considering that Medicom is recognized for working with some of the most well-known figures in the art, music, and fashion industries. High-profile partnerships includes those with Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, H. R. Giger, Casio, BTS, BAPE, and Sex Pistols, to name a few.


By working together, it also enables businesses, bands, and other creatives to provide their fan communities a product or cause they can support. This not only aids in raising brand awareness, but it also spreads BE@RBRICKS to other demographics and interest groups, maintaining its popularity.


Anatomical details of a Bearbrick figure

The nine pieces that make up Bearbricks, a collectable figure, include the head, chest, waist, arms, hands, and legs, all of which have freely movable joints. Although it is mostly composed of vinyl, the artist may also have used other materials including plastic, wood, felt, and metal.


Bearbricks Additionally, they are available in several sizes, including 50% (35 mm), 70% (50 mm), 100% (70 mm), 200% (145 mm), 400% (280 mm), and 1000%. (700 mm.) The scale is based on a picture that is 70mm long. 35mm bearbricks are frequently offered for sale as phone charms or keychains. However, bigger sizes, like 280 mm and 700 mm, are often only available in collector cases. 400% and 1000% sizes are in high demand among collectors.

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