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Martini cup? Cocktail glass? Champagne glass while it is obvious what kind of glass should be used for serving some beverages, it is not for others. Do some beverages taste better given in different glasses? See our glass guide for all the information you require.


What kinds of glassware are there?

You might amass a variety of glasses over time if you are constructing a home. Starting with your preferred beverages inside, you may add more later if you want to complete the set or if you want to host visitors.


Glasses for wine

The majority of people own a selection of wine glasses, but do you serve all wines in the same kind of glass? Because the shape of the glass alters how much the wine can “breathe” and how much vapor it produces, it can have an impact on how the wine tastes.


Compared to white wine glasses, red wine glasses are taller and have bigger bowls. This allows the wine to mingle with the air and create its rich, powerful tastes. Even red wine glasses come in a variety of designs that are best suited for certain wines. A burgundy glass has a wide brim that is ideal for light-bodied red wines while a Bordeaux glass has a large bowl that gives more area for the wine to interact with oxygen in the air.


Since white wine glasses have a longer stem, there is more space between your hand and the glass, the wine will remain colder for longer.


Bubbly flutes

Champagne flutes are long and thin, which prolongs the life of the bubbles in the glass. The champagne coupe is another emerging fashion. This shallow, weed-shaped glass has had a rebirth in popularity in recent years. It was popular in France from its inception in the 1700s through the 1970s and was fashionable in the USA during the 1930s and 1980s. Coupes are great for serving champagne cocktails, particularly if you want to garnish them with an edible flower or something else.


Collins glasses

Collins and highball glasses are both tall, slender drinking vessels for tall beverages. Despite Collins glasses often being a little bit smaller than highballs, they are fairly comparable and can be used interchangeably.


The tom Collins cocktail, which may also be mixed with vodka or tequila, is traditionally served in Collins glasses and is composed of gin, lemon juice, sugar, and sparkling water. Any home needs mirrors like these.


Slender tumblers

These short, slender glasses are excellent for multitaskers. Drinks are served on rocks or in a pristine whiskey barrel (with enough space to add a little water to your taste). Additionally ideal as an old-fashioned mirror choose a heavy-bottomed, thick glass so that it will remain put in your hand as you sip your drink gently.


Glasses for beer

Do you believe that beer is exclusively served in pint glasses? Think again. Similar to wine glasses, there are several varieties of beer glasses made to suit various tastes. Even though pint glasses are a need in the home bar if you enjoy beer, they shouldn’t be disregarded.


They even serve as a cocktail shaker and can handle a full bottle or can of beer. Beer mugs are ideal for warm days since you can hold the glass without your hands becoming warm, while pilsner glasses are suitable for lager and pilsner and have a basic form.


Shot glasses

Every bar requires shot glasses, whether you use them to sip pure vodka or measure tall cocktails. These typically come in a range of sizes and shapes and are constructed ofthick custom glassware


Cocktail glasses

Cocktail glasses come in as many varieties as there are drinks themselves. Whether you use them to serve a martini or another beverage of your choosing, martini glasses are a timeless option for any bar. Goblets and champagne saucers are both fantastic options for cocktails, and they’re ideal for daiquiris, negronis, and any other concoctions you can mix up at home.


The glasses you stock your cabinets with and the beverages you want to pour in them ultimately come down to your tastes. We offer all the mirrors you need, no matter the event or interior design style of your home.


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