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A single character can occasionally connect a number of events at once, upsetting the status quo with Bearbrick . This figure appeared as a special anthropomorphic bear statue with a belly and unusual legs for the art, fashion, and toy industries.


There was just one bearbrick bear statue that we were discussing. This cartoon ornament, like a blank canvas, has adopted several styles, personalities, trends, and designs over the years, allowing various people to express their thoughts and abilities in a playful, lighthearted manner. But first, let’s look at who this unusual little bear is in order to understand just what makes him unique:


What does bearbrick truly do?

At their most fundamental level, bearbricks are toys. But don’t think of it as only a toy. According to its name, the image’s outline first seems like a bear-style bear. In fact, the truest way to describe bearbricks is as a hybrid between Lego and a cartoon bear.


Unexpectedly, bearbrick dolls have grown to play a significant role in the collector toy industry. That’s not all, though. These unexpected icons have become significant figures in the worlds of art and fashion, influencing many new designs, trends, and ideas each year. Bearbrick just made a splash in the streetwear industry.


Given their creative approach, many people find their accomplishment to be a mystery. But perhaps their history can provide some hints…


Background of bearbrick

The roots of bearbrick were planted in 1996 when tatsuhiko Akashi established the Japanese toy business medicom. Akashi strengthened his business in the years that followed by releasing toys on a regular basis. Together with a former Lego employee, he developed Kubrick, a Lego man-like figure named after the conceptual director, which was their first commercial hit. The scene was established, and on may 27, 2001, “the Kubrick” eventually served as the inspiration for the opening line of bearbricks.


Akashi was approached by the world character convention’s organizers with an alluring offer. They were working quickly on a plan to provide a free present to everyone who attended. As a result, takashi created the first bearbrick in a hurry by ingeniously fusing the popularity of Lego with the cherished teddy bear.


Akashi claimed in a 2017 interview that he doesn’t conduct market research. He responded, “if I had, this would not have occurred. He pointed at bearbrick. We could never have published this, period.


And of course, with its simplicity and incredibly murky reputation, bearbrick is unquestionably an outlier. Which leads us to…


Why does it cost so much?

Rare bearbricks may sell for up to $160,000 at auction, making them one of the most valuable toys in the world. However, you will pay a fair amount if you can buy them before they are all gone. In actuality, the majority of the most recent bearbrick figurines are priced in the mid-2000s, with some reaching as high as 80,000, like the channel 1000% bearbrick.


Therefore, the initial cost is mostly attributable to the mix of recognizable brands, expert craftsmanship, and premium materials used in a typical bearbrick. The lack of a connection and the culture’s/high frenzy’s price are the consequences of the transaction.


Why is bearbricks so well-liked?

There are additional possibilities, yet no one can agree on what made bearbrick the extraordinary occurrence we know it to be today. Another widely accepted hypothesis holds that bearbrick’s appeal is due to the design’s originality. Anyone, from the a-list to well-known artists, may leave their mark on a bearbrick figure since it is like a blank slate.


The “snowball effect’s” impact on the importance of being in the right location at the right time is a different theory. To comprehend this hypothesis, we simply need to look at bearbrick’s first partnership.


Just three months after its start, bearbrick formed its first collaboration with the Tokyo-based record store him, tying it to a business that was poised to become worldwide and seize market supremacy.


From that point on, bearbrick steadily expanded its affiliations with household names and iconic cultural icons like Disney and Winnie the pooh. It is undeniable that bearbrick profited from a flawless concoction of several designs that blended seamlessly, giving them a level of popularity never previously seen by a professional toy.


The bearbrick collection is published in what way?

Bearbrick figurines may be divided into “series” and “types” to group them all together. Typically, two series are released every year, one in the summer and one in the winter. Each series is read in order and is classified into one of four different types. In addition to their regular series, bearbrick has been known to “drop” seasonal releases all year round, frequently honoring a genre, occasion, or particular season.


The series consists of:


  •         First: “bearbrick” is made up of characters that are represented in each of the nine various patterns that make up the first line.
  •         Standard: the following terms make up standard bearbricks.
  •         Artist: usually made up of pictures produced along with an artist.
  •         Secret: secret goods are highly sought-after because they are unheard-of, uncommon, and cloaked in mystery. Additionally, they can include interactive designs, often for several sub-themes.

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